NICA Staff and representative from 9 Leagues enjoying cozy dinner Monday Night at the New York New York Hotel.

With just over 25 participants, including NICA staff and board members, nearly all League Directors, assorted league staff and various board members attending, the 3rd annual NICA Conference was held in Las Vegas the day before the annual bike tradeshow “Interbike” began.

The conference was held in a hotel suite beginning with a Monday night dinner. Lori Harward, Utah League Director stated, “I love being with my fellow NICA folk and league directors. Beginning with my first conference in 2011, I felt a camaraderie and support that I look forward to every year. I often wish we all lived closer so we could do more together because not only do we learn from, empower and encourage each other, we have a ton of fun together!”

The first session began by dividing League Directors and their staff into rotating affinity groups to meet with NICA staff. League Board members met separately with Rick Spittler, NICA President, and Austin McInerny, NICA Executive Director. These smaller intimate meetings provided opportunity to connect and address questions early in the conference. Panel discussions were held on a range of topic, including:

* Engaged Boards and Effective League Directors
* Revenue and Sponsorship Structure, League Fundraising
* League Outreach and Expansion
* Outward Facing: The League and League Director Image
* League Directors: Identifying, Responding to & Anticipating Challenges
* NICA Junior High Pilot Program

“We wanted to provide stimulating panels where board members could hear league directors collectively talk, and league directors could hear board members do the same. These collective opportunities are rare, and invaluable to ever raising the bar on best practices and
risk management for existing and future league” stated Lauren Duensing, NICA Program Director. Duensing noted that “the conference continued to build a national community and movement that supports each other.”

We look forward to the 2014 NICA Conference to be held in Utah with a few more leagues attending!