About NICA

MISSION: We build strong minds, bodies, character, and communities through cycling.

VISION: Every youth is empowered to be part of a thriving and engaged cycling community.


  • FUN - NICA inspires friendship, joy, and adventure.
  • INCLUSIVITY - NICA believes everyone should be able to participate in our programs and feel welcomed, respected, and supported.
  • EQUITY - NICA is committed to fair treatment, equal access, opportunity, advancement, and elimination of barriers to encourage participation for all.
  • RESPECT - NICA expects consideration for all others, oneself, and the outdoors.
  • COMMUNITY - NICA unites diverse people, families, and communities through cycling by creating fun and welcoming experiences.


NICA Board Chair, Susan Helm-Murtagh

Greetings NICA Community

Thank you for your continued support of our student-athletes, teams and leagues in this unprecedented year. We are inspired by and grateful for the way the entire NICA community has come together to find new and innovative ways to carry out our mission to build strong minds, bodies, character and community through cycling, even in a pandemic. 

Although NICA events were limited in 2020, our community continued to thrive and grow. We saw a 15% growth in registered NICA Coaches and an 11% growth in student-athletes.

Many leagues were unable to hold standard weekend events; in response, our creative and dedicated League Directors, coaches, volunteers and staff found ways to provide meaningful and engaging outdoor activity opportunities, along with much-needed social connections and stress relief, to our student-athletes.  NICA teams and leagues held Adventure and GRiT rides, weekend time trials, and Teen Trail Corps activities.  

NICA President, Steve Matous

This fall, “Foot down, mask up!” was the rallying call that enabled some of our leagues to hold races and provide a welcome sense of normalcy for our student-athletes, coaches, volunteers and families. All activities were held in accordance with local government and health department guidelines to ensure the safety of all participants.

This annual report highlights the many ways that NICA was able to pivot and provide valuable services and activities to our community, in continued fulfillment of our mission.

On April 29, 2020, NICA received proceeds to fund payroll, rent and utilities through the Paycheck Protection Program (the “PPP Loan”) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without these funds, along with the cancellation of most National and League events during the time period, we  would have been challenged to operate.  Additionally, many of the organization’s grantors released their normal grant restrictions during the year so that we could allocate those funds to areas most critical to continuing general operations. 

We are grateful to all of our generous sponsors and partners who supported us through the early, uncertain days of the pandemic.  In recognition of the circumstances, many provided crucial funding flexibility, enabling us to not only continue operations, but also to develop new and innovative ways to safely engage with our community.

Since NICA’s inception, we have been guided by our values of inclusivity, equity, respect and community. We stand with all who share in these values and do not tolerate hate, racism or discrimination in any of our activities. This past year also amplified the significant issues of discrimination and inequity facing our country.  In light of this, we are reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity, equity and diversity across NICA, and we are continuing our work with diversity and inclusion expert, Risha Grant, to create an environment where all members of our community feel welcomed, valued and included.

We now look to 2021 with an energized sense of hope and community. While 2020 proved challenging in many ways, it was the ability to ride and safely spend time in the outdoors that provided a welcome relief and sense of normalcy for our community. One of NICA’s core values is community, and that was extremely evident this past year. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our community as we work to get #morekidsonbikes and build strong minds, bodies, character and communities through cycling.

Warm Regards,

Susan Helm-Murtagh, NICA Board Chair

Steve Matous, NICA President

Stories from the Year

NICA Team in Indiana
Photo credit: Margaret Barawskas

Expanding Our Reach

Even during the pandemic, new leagues launched in Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Carolina; and student-athlete and coach participation increased 11 percent and 15 percent, respectively, from 2019. Congrats to the Florida League for a successful inaugural season opener in March! And we were super stoked that the Indiana League hosted its inaugural race in September. Across NICA, all gatherings were held in accordance with state and local health department regulation.

Photo credit: NICA

Adapting and Innovating

The suspension of in-person activities was an opportunity for us to find new ways to connect coaches and student-athletes across the country. While many in-person NICA league Leaders’ Summits were cancelled, our Coach Licensing team quickly pivoted to offer a full slate of online virtual Leaders’ Summits. GRiT went virtual, too, as female student-athletes and coaches came together in national and regional online gatherings to share strategies, stories, and successes of getting #moregirlsonbikes!

Patterson - moregirlsonbikes
Photo credit: Rebecca Redett

Getting Out in Our Communities

Due to Covid, many NICA teams and leagues limited activities primarily to practice and fun rides in their communities. For the Patterson Park Composite, from the Maryland League, the urban park nicknamed "Best Backyard in Baltimore" provided an amazing space and varied terrain to keep things interesting and Covid safe. Pictured are members of the team visiting a Black Lives Matter exhibit displayed in the park where they practice.

Photo credit: Ann Miers

Adventure Abounded 

Working with local health guidance, it was still possible for many teams and coaches to have fun with NICA Adventure. Examples from around the country: In October, the Galena MTB in the Nevada League had an Adventure weekend in Black Rock Desert (pictured). In August, Wisconsin League coaches participated in an Adventure training weekend to help them envision how to create adventure activities for their teams. The Pennsylvania League hosted an end-of-season Adventure event where student-athletes and coaches had the opportunity to design their own course to challenge themselves and have fun!

Capacon Resort State Park
Photo credit: Jack Hoblitzell

Increasing Trail Advocacy and Access

Around the country we were excited by all of the new trails being built and planned in 2020 to increase access for NICA student-athletes and their families in communities like Lebanon and Terra Haute, IN, Shakopee, MN, and Florence, SC. Lebanon and NICA announced a partnership to develop a world class bike venue, the Stone Eater Bike Park. Thanks in large part to efforts by our West Virginia League, two new trails opened in state parks (pictured), with funding by the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources.

Voices from Our Community

Carmen Luna - NICA Coach
Photo credit: Carmen Luna

Being involved with the SoCal League and NICA as a parent, team director, and coach has been a blessing. I love to ride with and coach student-athletes at all different levels. They each have their own story, challenges, personality, and personal growth path, and I am privileged to be a part of their biking journey. I believe that with Covid, NICA offered an invaluable program providing a safe outdoor activity to stay connected with people, exercise, and get outdoors which is just as good for our mental health as it is for our heart health. I have a passion for getting more kids on bikes, creating a biking community, and will support this organization for as long as I can.

– Carmen Luna, Coach, SoCal League

Evan Hanrahan - Student-Athlete
Photo credit: Evan Hanrahan

Learning to ride with Mukwonago Composite freed me from fears surrounding the pandemic because it took my focus off the media and I was able to put new focus on the skills it takes to ride the local trails. My team and coaches like me for who I am, and I think I found a place I really belong. I am proud to be a NICA athlete with the Wisconsin League, wear my uniform and grow in this new sport. ” 

- Evan Hanrahan, Student-Athlete, Wisconsin League

Joshua Kleve - Minnesota League Director
Photo credit: Joshua Kleve

The bicycle provides so many things. It builds strong bodies, strong minds and strong character. And in 2020 that two wheeled wonder provided a chance to enjoy something that resembled normal. Sure, the event formats changed, we worked in pods and there were a ton of new policies and procedures - but that time spent riding a bike at practice or at events, it was an opportunity for our student-athletes to just be kids and have fun despite everything else going on in the world.  It wasn't the year that we had hoped for, but we are so thankful we had the opportunity to ride our bikes.” 

- Josh Kleve, League Director, Minnesota League

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Clinical Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Gillings School of Global Public Health

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President, Q Enterprises, and Executive Vice President, Quality Bicycle Products, Inc.

Timothy P. Rogers, Treasurer

Chief Financial Officer, Continental Automotive, Inc. and Continental Tire the Americas, LLC

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Steve Matous, President

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