Dear Coach:

Teen Trail Corps is a program, supported by REI and the Walton Family Foundation, that provides NICA student-athletes the opportunity to serve and give their time towards bike related advocacy activities. It is designed to provide exposure and be a gateway for NICA student-athletes into the world of advocacy. NICA envisions a future where NICA student-athletes are advocating for and making a significant impact on our cycling environment.

We understand that you are a volunteer coach (thank you!) and are happy to announce that this program provides student-athletes the opportunity to complete some requirements without their coach. We encourage you to engage your team in this program by choice. Much like our view of racing, where there is no mandate to compete, in TTC there is no mandate to participate in stewardship (though we do encourage it!)

Leagues may choose to incentivize teams to participate, in ways beyond the awarding of badges, as further rewards and encouragement for integration. Be sure that you are aware of what your league may do to provide these additional incentives and rewards.

We encourage a coach from each team act as the TTC coordinator for that team and take ownership of the process and curriculum. The program is designed around four badges, Speak, Serve, Respect and Ride. After the requirements for a badge are complete, the student-athlete will receive a physical badge representing completion. Upon completion of the four badges, student-athletes will be issued a badge and certificate stating that they have become a “Teen Trail Corps Captain.”  This can be listed among a student-athlete’s personal achievements, i.e merit based scholarships, civic activities requirements, or work applications and helps develop NICA student-athletes’ minds, body and character.

The student-athletes should check in with you before starting an activity and show you the completed work either in person or by email when complete.

For Example:

Student-athlete:  “Coach, I have completed one of the activities for the Teen Trail Corps Speak Badge.  Will you confirm this?”

Coach:  “Yes - what activity did you do?”

Student:  “I attended a public meeting and spoke about the importance of mountain biking at --- park.

Coach:  Great job!

The student-athlete will submit the information via the TTC website and you will receive an email requesting approval. 

If you desire to incorporate the Teen Trail Corps more into your team culture and programming, please reach out to your League Director or for team ideas.

That is it!


Important Notes:

  1. Extra resources are in the TTC Coach Toolbox
  2. Some of these activities involve work outside official NICA events. Student-athletes should always have their parent or guardian’s permission, and either their coach, parent, or guardian's supervision for these activities.

Insurance: Teen Trail Corp recognizes service activities that student-athletes may pursue outside of NICA team activities. NICA’s insurance program provides coverage for approved team activities only. NICA’s insurance does not cover activities run or supervised by other organizations or land managers. The organization or land manager supervising and running any trail maintenance activity is responsible for having their own proper coverage in place for their activities. NICA students/coaches would be acting as volunteers of that organization or land manager. Students who participate in Teen Trail Corp activities outside of NICA team activities should have the permission of their guardian(s) with the understanding of the above.