NICA has partnered with Salsa to bring you a “behind the handlebars” view of what Adventure means to NICA student-athletes. We’re launching a video contest for you to Define YOUR Adventure.

The Scope:

How does adventure define your rides? What’s your adventure? NOT using the word “adventure” give us a video and a one-liner on what adventure means to you and your crew.

  • Submit a 30-60 second video HERE
    • You may directly upload a file (no bigger than 1GB) OR you may submit your video as a YouTube Link
      • You will be required to sign in with a Google account to submit via this form. If you do not have a Google account - please email your submission to:
  • In your video include:
    • Who you are - including your team and NICA League
    • A short “one-liner” on YOUR adventure philosophy NOT using the word “adventure”
      • BONUS if you show / tell how you bring your community into your adventure
  • Video can be anything you want as long as it complies with NICA’s riding style at team practices and league events
    • Can include riding at team practice
    • Can include riding on your own or with friends 
    • Submissions can include videos with multiple student-athletes
  • Videos must be submitted by current NICA Student-Athletes

Timeline and Swag Details

  • Videos must be submitted by 11:59pm PDT on May 31, 2021
  • Winners will be announced in mid-June and their videos will be featured on NICA and Salsa social media
    • Winners will receive swag from Salsa
    • Winners will have the opportunity to work further with NICA and Salsa to provide content for social media and promotions if interested

Winner Selection Process

  • Team from NICA Marketing / Adventure and Salsa representatives will review videos an select 5-10 top videos
  • Videos will chosen based on:
    • Creativity / visual storytelling
    • Definition of adventure

Please Note: All NICA-sanctioned activities, such as NICA Team Practices, NICA Events, Teen Trail Corps Activities, GRiT Activities and Camps incorporate NICA values and follow NICA policies, rules, standards and guidelines. Any riding outside of NICA is not a NICA sanctioned activity and therefore is not covered by NICA insurance. Adventure activities completed outside of team practice will count toward the adventure challenge but these are not NICA-sanctioned activities. Any riding outside of NICA is under the guidance and supervision of parents and guardians.