Is Matt Fritzinger leaving NICA?
No, Matt is stepping down as Executive Director of NICA but will continue to work with NICA on special projects that will help NICA achieve its goal of going coast to coast by 2020.

Why is Matt leaving?
NICA is a fast-moving, fast-growing organization. In an effort to best accommodate that growth, Matt is going to transition out of his role as Executive Director to focus on special projects that will help NICA achieve its goal of going coast to coast by 2020. At the end of the day, the Board is confident this move is best to help NICA achieve its long-term goals.

If this is because of NICA’s growth, why not just bring in someone for those special projects and leave Matt as Executive Director for stability?
Matt was instrumental in helping establish the NICA brand and building it from one small league in Northern California into a robust organization with seven leagues. The development aspects are part of his DNA, and this move fits perfectly with our current growth strategies. Changes like this are very common for fast growing businesses.

When is Matt leaving?
Matt is stepping down in July 2012.

Who will take over when Matt leaves? Is there a transition/succession plan?
NICA will hire a new Executive Director to continue and grow NICA’s mission. The search for a new Executive Director is under way and we are confident a suitable candidate will be found.

How will Matt’s transition affect NICA? Will NICA continue to operate?
NICA will continue to accomplish its mission of bringing high school mountain biking coast to coast! In fact, all day-to-day operations will be unaffected.

Who can I speak to if I have additional questions?
Rick Spittler, President of the board of directors, is available should you have any questions. You can contact Rick at

Will NICA hire internally or seek outside candidates?
NICA looks forward to reviewing the qualifications of all candidates interested in becoming our next Executive Director.

How does this affect the “Coast to Coast by 2020” goal?
The move is being made to strengthen NICA’s vision of being coast to coast by 2020.

How does this affect coaches, student-athletes, etc.?
This decision will not affect any of NICA’s day-to-day operations. Matt and the NICA team have created many well documented and sustainable systems in support of the NICA mission.