Who can host a screening?

Anyone can host a screening, however there is an application process to ensure successful screenings nationwide at appropriate venues. For larger public screenings we are looking to partner with organizations with a solid promotional plans.  All applications will be considered!

When can we host a screening?

Open dates for hosting a screening differ from state-to-state. NICA Leagues and Teams have first rights in their states (click here for a list of NICA Leagues), these exclusive rights expire this spring (inquire for exact dates for each region). Some NICA Leagues may elect to allow non-League-run screenings in their state prior to this date. Check with your local NICA League for more details NICA also is planning to host screenings in select cities, but is open to partnerships in call locations.

What does it cost?

A licensing fee is required to host a Singletrack High screening. NICA Leagues and Teams are exempt from this fee.  100% of the licensing fees support the continued exponential growth of high school mountain biking. In addition to an theater-quality copy of the film, this fee will also get you customized promotional support from NICA. There are several tiers licensing options based on the size of your screening. Click here for the pricing tiers.

How do we host a screening?

The planning and promotional work of hosting a screening varies with the size of the venue.  Hosting a home screening (indoors or backyard) can be as simple as inviting your friends and family, pre-testing your viewing equipment, and buying some refreshments.  A larger theater screening will take advance planning and multiple promotional channels.  See the FAQ below for more information about the film. As part of your license to show Singletrack High, we provide comprehensive guide for organizing the event (including a Supercharge Your Screening document full of promotional tips).

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