In consideration of voluntary participation in mountain biking events, participants acknowledge that the sport of cycling, specifically mountain bicycling, is an inherently dangerous sport, including but not limited to dangers associated with man made obstacles or natural surface hazards, trees, logs, vegetation, water, pot holes, rocks, cold weather, extreme heat, rain, other bicycles, other riders, pedestrians, vehicles, fixed or moving objects, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, and use of equipment or materials provided.   Safety equipment includes the use of a safety helmet, which satisfies the requirements of NICA, to protect against serious head injury.

Participants ACKNOWLEDGE AND FULLY ASSUME THE RISKS associated with participating in activities, as listed above and including the Releasees’ own negligence and the negligence of others. Participants fully understand that mountain biking activities include the potential for serious physical injury, permanent paralysis and/or mental injury, disability or death, loss or damage to person or property associated with presence or participation in the activity.  Participants understand that particular skills, equipment and personal discipline may reduce the risks, but that risk of serious injury exists.

The risks include, among other things: the dangers of collision with pedestrians, vehicles, other riders, and fixed or moving objects; the dangers arising from surface hazards, including trail irregularity, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, use of equipment provided by NICA or others; dangers associated with man-made and natural jumps and stunts; motor vehicle accidents; the particpant’s own negligence; the negligence of others; weather conditions; the possibility of serious physical and/or mental trauma or injury, or death associated with this program; slipping and falling; falling objects; water hazards; drowning; exhaustion; exposure to temperature and weather extremes which could cause: hypothermia, hyperthermia (heat related illnesses), heat exhaustion, sunburn, dehydration; and exposure to potentially dangerous wild animals, insect bites, and hazardous plant life.