National Rules Committee

The purpose of the National NICA Handbook is to create a minimum standard national framework that promotes safe racing and safe and efficient management of the individual NICA Leagues. Each rule should be enforceable, and the mechanism for enforcement should be explained in each rule. Other recommended statements of best practices, or unenforceable standards should be provided for Leagues’ to use a Guidance Materials. Violation of a rule by a student-athletes, a parent, a licensed coach, a volunteer, or a League may compromise the right to participate in NICA.

The NICA Rules Committee develops and maintains the Handbook governing the NICA leagues and their participants for national application across all leagues. The participation of local leagues is critical to enable all NICA leagues to benefit from one another’s experiences. The Committee pools the leagues experiences, feedback as to any problems they have encountered, and proposed solutions, to create and maintain a Handbook that will best serve NICA’s membership.

Each league which has participated as a NICA League in conducting its own race season for two (2) consecutive race seasons will thereafter be permitted to have representation in the Rules Committee by one (1) Voting Member. Each NICA Emerging League, which has been accepted as a NICA League, but which has not completed two (2) consecutive race seasons, will be permitted to have representation in the Rules Committee by one (1) Non-Voting Member.

Handbook Updates

Each year, the NICA Rules Committee meets to discuss issues that came up during the course of a season and brainstorm updates to the NICA Handbook that benefit all leagues. After the conclusion of the meetings, the committee votes on the rules to be modified and published in the upcoming season’s handbook. Meetings begin after the commencement of Spring leagues from June through August.

If you have questions about the rule changes, please contact us at, or get in touch with your league representative.

Request Handbook Change – 2022 Handbook

If you would like to submit a handbook change request or recommendation for a new rule, please fill out the form embedded below, or click here.

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