2019 NICA Annual Conference, June 19 - 22, 2019


My first trip here was in 2015 when I was asked to come be a part of the Idaho League inaugural season as a NICA trainer. I remember vividly the drive from Boise to Galena Lodge up through Ketchum and the Wood River Valley and being overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape surrounding me in every direction. Little did I know on that September day 4.5 years ago that I was falling in love with this state that my family now calls home. I am thrilled to spend a few days this summer with each of you and share the scenery, trails and mountain hospitality of Idaho with our incredible NICA family. I’m certain each of you will be awestruck as I was on my first visit and my hope is that when you leave at the end of our time together, you too will have a special place in your heart for Idaho and will come back to visit often. Enjoy your time here, soak up all that this special place has to offer, and I hope our paths connect on trails near and far in the future! ”

Eddie Freyer
Idaho League Director


The NICA Annual Conference provides the leadership of the national cycling movement a dedicated space and time to connect on a variety of topics. This is a benchmark event that provides the opportunity to learn from one another and improve our national practices and effort.

The conference will include keynote and guest speakers, discussion and training sessions, panels, roundtable conversations, meals, hikes, rides and, perhaps, some sleep.

Where & When

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 NICA Conference will be held in Sun Valley, Idaho! The conference will begin Wednesday morning (8:30 AM), June 19th and end Saturday, June 22th at dinner.

The NICA Board of Directors will also hold a meeting Sunday morning starting at 9 AM.

We recommend your travel days be Tuesday, June 18th and Sunday, June 23rd. OuterBike will be holding an event in Sun Valley you might consider staying an extra day after the conference to check out!

All conference sessions will be held each day at the Limelight Hotel in Ketchum, 151 S. Main St, Sun Valley Idaho.


NICA Board of Directors, National Office Staff, League Directors and Staff, League Board Members and Advisors, Coach Supporters, Guild Leaders and Members, Advisors and special guests. Coach Supporters and Guilds will arrive and depart the same time as Leadership.


The 2018 NICA Conference has a stellar line up of keynote speakers and guest speakers. All attendees will participate in our main keynote and guest speakers sessions each day before breaking into separate “tracks” described below.

Keynote Speakers

Rebecca Rusch
Adventure Athlete, Author, Activist
Photo: Rebecca Rusch

Lou Bergholz
NICA Character Development Partner, Edgework Consulting
Photo: Lou Bergholz

Kat Smithhammer,
Leadership at Play
Photo: Kat Smithhammer

Allison Bergh
Leadership at Play
Photo: Allison Bergh

Risha Grant
Founder & CEO of Risha Grant LLC
Photo: Risha Grant

Guest Speakers and Conference Sponsor Representatives

Ally Seidel
Senior Consultant, Author, Sidekick Solutions, LLC
Photo: Ally Seidel

JD Wallum
Risk Management, IOA Denver
Photo: JD Wallum

Rob DeMartini
CEO, USA Cycling
Photo: Rob DeMartini

Scott, Rachel, Emma, Erik and Morgan Hurst, NICA Participants and Coaches  
Photo: Hurst Family

Zack Rundell

Photo: Zack Rundell

Kent McMullen, Chief Meteorologist for AMB Weather Photo: Kent McMullen

Jenn Dice, VP Business Network, PeopleForBikes 
Photo: Jenn Dice

Nate Carey, Teton Adaptive Sports MTB and Ski Coach, Idaho League Coach
Photo: Nate Carey

Joel Zellers, Special Education and AP Psychology Instructor, Idaho League Coach 
Photo: Joel Zellers

Dan Stewart, Owner and CEO, Strike Visuals
Photo: Dan Stewart

Bob Burns, Vice President & Senior Legal Officer, Trek Bicycle Corporation
Photo: Bob Burns

Lindsay Beltchenko, Salsa Cycles Marketing Manager
Photo: Lindsay Beltchenko


Carl Bakker, Trek Demo Team
Photo: Carl Bakker

Eli Brock, Trek Demo Team 
Photo: Eli Brock

Matthew Martinez, Trek Demo Team
Photo: Matthew Martinez


Click here to read more about our fabulous 2019 NICA Conference Speakers

More Information

Conference Tracks

Leadership Track

In addition to the conference keynote presentations, NICA Leadership will have sessions on professional development, building effective teams, strategic planning, maintaining NICA and league culture, and character development. These sessions will be facilitated by Lou Bergholz, Kat Smithhammer and Allison Bergh. Other breakout sessions will be held on topics determined by League Director request prior to the conference and facilitated by League Directors and Staff at the conference.

We highly encourage League Directors, League Board Presidents and all NICA and League Board members to attend.

Coach Supporter Track

This track offers advanced coaching content to support the development of Coach Supporters who will manage Leaders’ Summit trainings, coach communications (calls and newsletters) and serve as coach mentors at the league level.

This track no longer includes On-the-Bike Skills training as NICA’s Regional Coach Supporter Trainings have been designed to expand your team of Coach Supporters who can provide On-the-Bike Skills to meet the needs of your league’s coaches.

Event Production Guilds Track

This track offers both classroom and experiential programming in the field as participants work together on the following risk management topics: risk mitigation through venue survey, using data to drive decision making, building effective community partnerships and training opportunities to maintain an engaged team within your league.    


Registration for all tracks is $375

Meals Lunch and dinner is included in your registration fee and will be provided starting with lunch Wednesday and ending with dinner Saturday night of the conference.


Travel and Transportation: Sun Valley area has its own airport, Friedman Memorial Airport (airport code: SUN) located in nearby Hailey.  The Limelight has free shuttle service for hotel guests with bike carrying capabilities. See other travel options here.

Conference Registration

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Lodging Information

Bike Options

BikeFlights.com has set up a shipping portal for the conference - please visit https://www.bikeflights.com/events/NICA-National-Conference if you plan to use BikeFlights to get your bike to the conference.

BikeFlights is offering discounted limited bike shipping for NICA League Directors. Those interested in being signed up for this benefit, please email sue.george@bikeflights.com and introduce yourself as a NICA League Director.

Elephant's Perch offers bike rentals and has build and pack services available. Visit https://elephantsperch.com/summer-rental-rates-brands/ for rental rates and information. To schedule a build, please coordinate with them in advance by calling 208-726-3497

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