Ride is one of Teen Trail Corps four badges. We all work on maintaining the trails and building a great mountain bike community because we enjoy the ride. NICA requires all student-athletes, coaches and volunteers ride with a riding style of respect and safety. This includes taking personal responsibility for managing and controlling your own riding style and behavior at all times. Be mindful. Ride in control. Respect yourself, fellow teammates, your coaches, equipment, other members of the community and the environment.

To earn the Ride badge student-athletes must complete four activities within the Ride category. Your coach must confirm that you completed each activity.

We understand that the time and effort will vary with each of these activities. In general, plan on each activity varying from 1-4 hours. If you are unsure if your ideas fit within the respective categories, consult your coach for additional input. You must have permission from your parent or guardian to participate in any activity that takes place outside official NICA events.

Activities Options

1)  Demonstrating safe riding habits and improvement or mastery of key skills

“I have attended three clinics, and improved on my strength, speed, and technical skills as recommended by my coach”

Teen Trail Corps Ride Participant

Brief description

  • Display confidence and ability to perform safe riding skills.

How to guidelines

  • Tell your coach and parents your plans to improve your personal riding skills. Ask your coach, parent or guardian for supervision when completing the next steps if going outside your normal team practices.
  • Attend team practices or clinics to further your progression in safe riding skills pertaining to the mountain bike.
  • Ask your coach for three skills he or she recommends you improve upon.
  • Demonstrate improvement of these skills to your coach
  • Create a video detailing improvement, mastery of skills. In your video, describe how improving your riding skills helps you ride with respect.
  • Attach your video to the TTC Tracking Form.

2)  Being prepared (equipment)

Brief description

  • Attend practice well prepared for each ride and present to your team how to properly prepare for a ride.

How to guidelines

  • Show up to practice with pump, tools, spare tube, water, appropriate gear for changing weather conditions, nutrition and hydration, etc. Snap a picture of your well prepared pack.
  • Lead your team through a backpack check for these items.
  • Lead an ABC check with your team prior to starting practice.
    • A = Air B = Brakes C = Chain D = Derailleur

Examples and Resources

3)  Assist your coach in mentoring younger or less skilled riders

Brief description

  • Educate your peers to learn new riding skills that will better prepare them to ride with respect.

How to guidelines

  • Tell your coach your plans and ask if you can assist teaching skills at practice.
  • Demonstrate strong character and inclusivity by mentoring a younger student(s) who displays an interest in mountain biking and teach them proper trail etiquette.
  • Undertaking peer education during rides - Take time to thoughtfully educate other riders during any and all rides.

4) Meet team attendance standards for a season

Brief description

  • Meet team attendance standards for a season as defined by your coach

How to guidelines

  • Ask your coach how they define team attendance standards
  • Log practice attendance on the TTC Tracking Form.

5)  Research and present how people safely use bicycles for transportation

Brief description

  • Research organizations that are advocating on behalf of safety and access to bikes, and how people are safely using bicycles to commute. Then present your findings to your team, your school class, a community group, or another group of individuals.

How to guidelines

  • Educate others on how to stay safe when riding a bike on the road. Accomplish this by creating a google slide/infographic and outline a one sheet plan as to how you will introduce your work to a group of individuals.
  • Create a 20-30 minute presentation regarding how youth can stay safe riding on the road and the benefits of bicycle transportation.
  • Make this presentation to a group of mountain bikers, classmates, or other community group.
  • If presenting to another group outside your team or school, ask your coach, parent or guardian for supervision.
  • Share your presentation on the TTC Tracking Form

Examples and Resources

Recording Activities for the Ride Category:

  • Once you have completed each activity for the Ride Category:

    • Report your work in the online TTC Tracking Form

    • Your coach will be emailed for approval. Confirm with your coach that it has been approved.

    • You're done! Go share your story on social media using #TeenTrailCorps

  • Once you have completed at least four activities for the Ride Category, apply for your badge in the online TTC Award Application