What is the film about?

Singletrack High follows six student athletes through the 2012 season in the NorCal High School Cycling League. Through their diverse experiences on and off the race course, it showcases the positive impacts of keeping kids on bikes at the age when many trade in two wheels for four.

Who made the film?

Singletrack High was produced by Pedal Born Pictures. Founded by brothers Jacob and Isaac Seigel-Boettner (both former high school and collegiate cyclists themselves), Pedal Born is an independent production company that seeks to shed light on compelling stories hiding in plain sight. The film was generously supported by Specialized Bicycle Componenets, NICA, Sunnyvale Volkswagen, and GoPro.

Who are the kids in the film?

For Singletrack High, Pedal Born Pictures selected a diverse group of student athletes in order to showcase the wide range of kids who are attracted to and benefit from the sport of high school mountain bike racing. The goal was to have every audience member young or old be able to relate to and be inspired by at least one of the kids on screen.

Is this film appropriate for children?

Of course! The goal of Singletrack High is to get audience members of all ages excited about hitting the trail.

How long is the film?

1 hour

I want to bring Singletrack High to my town, but never organized a screening before, and have no idea where to start. Help!

We are here for you! As part of the licensing fee, NICA will help walk you through the steps of organizing a screening. The Supercharge Your Screening document that you will receive with the film has tons of useful tips on making your event a sell-out success.

How long in advance do I need to start organizing my screening?

First step is to nail down a venue. Once you have done this, we recommend that you start publicizing your event at least a month in advance. This will allow you to get the word out via media, local bike clubs and coalitions, schools, etc.

I bought a DVD of Singletrack High. Do I still need to pay a licensing fee to organize a screening?

Yes. The film was produced to help grow the sport of high school mountain bike racing, and we want to ensure that every screening achieves this. All proceeds from the screening fees will go towards NICA’s efforts to bring high school mountain bike racing coast to coast by 2020. That said, there are licensing fee tiers multiple tiers that make it affordable for you to organize a screening of any size, even if it is just in your living room! The screening fee will get you an HD, theater-quality copy of the film, as well as support from NICA in organizing your event.

Do I need to charge admission?

That depends. If you are just organizing a living room screening, we suggest passing a hat to help cover the licensing fee. For public screenings, we suggest a ticket price of $15. This will help cover the screening fee and other venue-related expenses, as well as hopefully generate a profit for your organization. Given the cost of a normal trip to the movies, $15 will keep your event competitive.

We are a non-profit organization. Do we still need a license?

Yes. That said, all event proceeds beyond the licensing fee are yours to keep. This is your event. We want to give you an incentive to sell it out!

Can the filmmakers come to our screening?

Definitely! Having the filmmakers on hand to present the film and do a post-screening Q&A will add value and public appeal to your event. Please contact Jacob Seigel-Boettner at pedalbornpictures@gmail.com for details on how to make this happen.

We are a school interested in showing the film to our students at an assembly. Do we need a license?

For school screenings, please contact Jacob Seigel-Boettner at pedalbornpictures@gmail.com for more details. We highly recommend doing school screenings in tandem with one or more public screenings to maximize exposure and minimize cost.