Single Track Times / Coaches News Style Guide

SoCal Single Track Times Example – From “SoCal League” <>

Colorado Coaches News Example – From “Kate Rau” <>

If possible send out your Single Track Times as early as possible in the morning.

STEP 1: Drag appropriate header (Single Track Times, Coaches News…) into MadMimi header box.

STEP 2: Add article with an image.

STEP 3: Insert title, text and images if necessary.

  • NICA titles use the larger of the two title sizes. Highlight the title, then click the large title button (at the end of the red arrow). MadMimi will underline text. The title size won’t show until you click “Preview”.
  • If you use an image, please do not forget to credit the photographer when necessary.

STEP 4: Insert next article. If adding another picture, make sure you click the “image & text” button with the image on the left side.

STEP 5: Repeat steps 2-4 as necessary.

STEP 6: Insert sponsor footer.

Click the “Image” button at the bottom and drag your most recent footer into the box (e-mail Mike if unsure about your most recent version).

Click on the lower right corner of the image and drag the corner as far out as it goes to maximize its size.

STEP 7: Insert title of STT. It should be “(league) League Single Track Times (date)”. Then click “Continue”

STEP 8: Choose your audience members. For Single Track Time, you should include all Coaches and the “Single Track Times” list. Click Continue.

STEP 9: Fill out the “From” field. E-mails should be from “(league) League” with your league director e-mail in the brackets. The subject line should be already filled out.