The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) is seeking a League Director to build & grow the Nevada Interscholastic Cycling League.

Nevada Interscholastic Cycling League Director Job Description – click here

Do you…

  • exude passion about developing youth and community in an outdoor setting?
  • enjoy building teams and growing a constituency?
  • believe in the power of volunteers and volunteer experiences?
  • get excited about recruiting and mobilizing volunteers to serve families, build teams, host events, and grow a community?
  • want to high five hundreds of kids on bikes?

Join a cohort of 30+ league directors across the country, each building capability and community in their state. 

What does a league director do? 

The League Director is responsible for overseeing league operations, promoting and maintaining NICA’s mission, core values and culture in the local Nevada league. The League Director is a collaborative and inspirational leader who works closely with the local leadership advisors to establish a program that will grow participation and create financial sustainability. The League Director is a NICA employee, reporting to the President of NICA and accountable for all operations provided to the local Nevada community.

What is the typical time commitment?

Of course, time and effort vary by week and by season. This is not a typical “job”. Busy weeks will entail 20+ hours, working with volunteers, often outside the 9-5. Five race weekends in the fall are a highlight of league operations. Presenting, public speaking, leading meetings, recruiting, soliciting donations, and frequent communications with coaches & staff are key responsibilities. Ideal candidates can prioritize, focus, and orchestrate multiple work streams with a flexible schedule and efficient communication.

What is the compensation?

A starting salary is available and can be provided by request, however working at the Nevada league will require a strong passion for the mission and people involved. Compensation can increase as the league grows and increases its revenues. Additional funding opportunities may be available in the near term to compensate the right candidate.

What types of background do League Directors bring to the role? Where do they come from?

Anywhere and all over. League Directors are educators, business leaders, military, philanthropists, sales people, and more. They are all passionate, proven leaders who build and mobilize a community.

Who will I report to? Who do I get to work with?

League Directors serve as employees of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), and work with national leaders and experts to translate national know-how into local capability. League Directors also work with a Nevada advisory board of leaders and advocates to build connections and unlock local opportunities. 

You may be the right leader!  Apply by sending a resume and cover letter to