Continuing Education for NICA Coaches

After three years of coaching at Level 2 or 3, NICA asks that all coaches continue to learn and develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities through continuing education or professional development related to NICA coaching.

These learning experiences are documented as continuing education units (CEUs) in Pit Zone. Level 2 coaches are asked to maintain 3 CEUs every three years. Level 3 coaches need to maintain 6 CEUs every three years.

CEUs expire three years from the date they are completed, and are tracked (with expiration dates) in Pit Zone in your coach profile.

How do I earn CEUs as a coach?

There are many ways to earn CEUs, both within NICA’s Coach Education Center and from outside organizations and NICA partners.

CEUs must be uploaded to your coach profile in Pit Zone (unless they are part of NICA’s current coach education, below). When uploading CEUs to Pit Zone, please ensure that your documentation provides the number of hours and the date of the course/event.

NICA CEU Opportunities

NICA offers several CEU opportunities for CEUs, including online courses and in-person training.

  • Quality Coaching with NICA Adventure - 2 CEUs
    Located in the NICA Coach Education Center CEUs automatically applied
  • A Guidebook to GRiT - 2 CEUs
    Located in the NICA Coach Education Center CEUs automatically applied
  • On-the-Bike Skills 101 Online Classroom Course - 1 CEU
    Located in the NICA Coach Education Center. Coaches who are already OTB 101 certified may retake the 101 online course for CEUs.
  • On-the-Bike Skills 201 - 5 CEUs
    In-person course hosted by leagues
  • League Coach Retreats - CEUs vary
    In-person workshops hosted by leagues
  • Other league training - CEUs vary
    In-person or online trainings (i.e. adventure training) - vary from league to league; ask League Director for details

Coaches may also repeat NICA courses for CEUs if they have completed them previously:

  • NICA Leaders’ Summit
    Any in-person or online Leaders’ Summit session can be taken more than once for CEUs
  • Coach License Level 1 Course
    A Level 2 or 3 coach may take the Coach License Level 1 course for 2 CEUs
  • Coach License Level 2 Course
    A Level 3 coach may take the Coach License Level 2 course for 4 CEUs
  • On-the-Bike Skills 101 - 3 CEUs
    Hosted by your league

Other Organizations

The following courses are recommended and accepted for CEUs:

Skills or instructor/coach development courses provided by organizations such as Ladies Allride, Trek Dirt Series, Ninja Series, and BICP or PMBIA

Note that NICA will accept many of the same professional development and CEU requirements that teachers and coaches have through other organizations. Please reach out via the NICA Coach Help Desk for course review/approval.

*To request a discount code, visit the NICA Coach Education Center and click “Coach Benefits”