NICA Coach Education Center

The majority of NICA’s coach education requirements are housed in the NICA Education Center. The NICA Education center is also where coaches can access NICA’s resource library, and where coaches can view their customized benefits from NICA partners.

Registered NICA coaches can access the NICA education center by logging into Pit Zone and clicking the “Courses, Resources, & Benefits” button from their dashboard.

Log into Pit Zone

Completing Coach Courses

To complete NICA coach courses, navigate to your dashboard in the Coach Education Center, and expand the license level menu. A list of course requirements and links is provided. When courses are fully completed, they will automatically update in Pit Zone, showing the course requirement as fulfilled.

Coaches can also access additional courses (such as NICA-authored CEU courses on GRiT and NICA Adventure) by viewing the course cards below the license level options.


Viewing NICA coach resources

Coaches can also access NICA’s library of Coach Resources by navigating to the right side of the NICA Education Center dashboard.

Accessing coach benefits

Coaches can access their customized benefits from NICA partners by logging into Pit Zone and the NICA Education Center dashboard, and clicking the link for coach benefits on the lower right side of the dashboard screen. Follow the instructions provided for each partner and their benefit program. For help with NICA’s benefit program, use the NICA Coach Help Desk and select “Coach Benefits” for your request.