Coach First Aid Requirements

The number one priority for NICA coaches is safety for their teams and athletes. Mountain biking is a sport of inherent risk, so NICA Level 2 and 3 coaches are required to undergo first aid training. NICA first aid standards are specific to each coaching level. Note that we do not require first aid or CPR training for Level 1 coaches. Leagues organize and host first aid courses for coaches seasonally - check your league websites for courses in your area.

Note that NICA requires that all first-aid and CPR training have an in-person component. Hybrid (or partially-online) courses are accepted, but must meet a minimum number of in-person hours. See details for each coach license level below.


Level 2:

  • Basic First Aid (4 hours) + CPR

At least 90 minutes of in-person first aid instruction required; at least 60 minutes of in-person CPR instruction required.

*Note: All Level 3 first aid/CPR courses will satisfy Level 2 requirements as well.

Level 3:

  • NICA-approved First Aid + CPR (8 hours) - usually hosted by leagues
  • Wilderness First Aid (16 hours)

At least 4 hours of in-person first aid instruction required; at least 60 minutes of in-person CPR instruction required.

First aid providers and courses are not always standardized. The best place to begin your search for a NICA first aid course is with your league, which organizes and hosts courses seasonally. If you cannot find a course with your league, you complete other training: simply ensure that it meets the requirements above. Note that Level 3 8-hour “NICA Approved” courses must be taught by a provider on this list:

Approved Providers

Once you receive your first aid certificate, you may upload it to your Coach Profile in Pit Zone. You will need to upload both First Aid and a CPR certification (sometimes it may be the same document) with a date listed.

Check out these step-by-step instructions on uploading your First Aid/CPR documentation.

View Instructions

Special notes and exceptions:

  • Wilderness First Aid: Wilderness First Aid is required if your team hosts practices in locations that are more than one hour from definitive care. Due to statewide geography, Idaho requires all Level 2 and 3 Coaches to complete Wilderness First Aid (16 hours).
  • Substitutions: Some professional qualifications may be substituted for a NICA First Aid course (i.e. Medical Doctor or registered nurse license) - please see our list of accepted substitutions below, and upload your current professional certification in place of your first aid requirements in Pit Zone.
    • To substitute a training not included in our current substitutions list, please use this form.

Accepted Substitutions

First Aid Course Providers & Instructors

To become a NICA Approved First Aid (8 hour) provider or instructor, please submit this Information for Prospective First Aid Providers form.