School of Singletrack: The Rise of On-Campus Trails in Charlottesville

Eight NICA teams dot the region. An unprecedented four have accessible, well-maintained, on-campus trails. Two of these are public high schools without tuition dollars to support the infrastructure necessary for building mountain bike trails. So how did Charlottesville become the gold standard for school-based trail systems?

Riding Beyond Limits: Cash Taylor’s Journey Racing A Hand-Cycle

Cash Taylor’s journey into the world of mountain biking began with an unforgettable invitation to an Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League race, thanks to the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and Valley Adaptive Sports. Born with Spina Bifida, Cash’s life revolves around sports, each one embraced with a unique zest despite the challenges posed by his paralysis.

Kimberly’s Story

Phinneus McKenna has been a shining light of positivity on the North Tahoe Mountain Bike Team. Despite his limitations, he has found friendship, fun, and connection through the sport of mountain biking.

No Matter Where You’re From: How The UrbanPromise Trailblazers Are Bringing Mountain Biking to Wilmington

NICA teams are spread across the country, forming even in urban areas not well known for their access to trails. Urban teams face different challenges than those with ready access to trail systems, but the students who live there deserve the same opportunity to get outside and experience the joys of cycling. For Coach Marc and Coach Carolyn, launching the UrbanPromise Wilmington Trailblazers team was a way to welcome inner-city students into the outdoors, teach them valuable life skills, and provide a safe space for learning and development.

No Matter Where You Start: Ambra Baldwin Hart’s Story

“I’ll be the best sweep you’ve ever had.” Two years ago, that was Ambra Baldwin Hart’s motto. She’d just signed up as a Level 1 coach for the Mount Horeb Mountain Biking team to support her 6th grade son who’d joined. She didn’t have much confidence as a coach or a rider, but was encouraged to try anyway by the team’s female coaches.

Bringing Joy and Changing Lives through Cycling

NICA programs bring JOY and change lives across our nationwide mountain biking community. This holiday season as we invite you to Share the Ride, Change a Life, take a moment to hear from our coaches and student-athletes how NICA programs have changed their lives and brought them joy. Meet NICA Student-Athletes Elizabeth Leitzel, Peyton Wilson, and Beck Earnest-McClelland as they share their experiences of Joy and how NICA has changed their own lives!

Bryce Longacre: SoCal Alumni, Chief of Scoring, and NICA National Timing Trainer

After graduating from Murrieta Valley High School in 2014, Bryce Longacre reached out to SoCal League Director Matt Gunnell to see how he could continue to be involved with NICA. Matt quickly brought Bryce onto his team and during his training, RaceRite owner and Chief of Scoring for the Colorado League, Mark Bockmann quickly realized Bryce’s talent and hired him to support his growing business.

Celebrating Female Leadership with Vanessa Hauswald 

Vanessa Hauswald signed on as the very first League Director for NICA and has been the Director for The NorCal League for over 10 years now. She has seen NICA grow to 31 leagues and has been an incredible influencer in NICA’s growth and success. She is an inspiring leader, empowering organizer, and courageous cancer survivor. Her infectious optimism and joy for “just riding around on dirt” will inspire you.

Meg Fisher: World Champion, Paralympian, and NICA Coach

Meg Fisher won Paralympic gold, silver and Bronze medals in the Rio 2016 and London 2012 games and ten world championships and is a NICA Coach for the Montana League. Meg’s road to success has not been easy. At 19 years old she was involved in a tragic car accident that nearly killed her. She survived a coma and lost the lower portion of her left leg. Meg worked hard to heal and move beyond her new physical limitations. Today, she is dedicated to helping erase limits, change lives, and demonstrate the capacity of the human body and spirit.