August 24, 2022

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NICA x THE FEED: Benefits for student-athletes and coaches

The Feed is an online resource to get all the nutrition, performance supplements, and recovery gear you need to get more out of your training. The Feed has over 300 of your favorite brands, and you can even set up a subscription box to be sure you’re never reaching into an empty box for the fuel you need before a ride.

Our partnership is a natural fit. Both The Feed and NICA believe that sport brings people together, and that our community is built to uplift student-athletes and provide them with the tools they need to be successful.

Top 4 reasons you will love The Feed:

  • Our expert coaches will build a personalized fueling plan for you. Chat live, call, or email them right now. Try asking Amazon what gel to use on your next ride or run and let us know how that goes.

  • Single Servings. Only at The Feed can you buy single servings of almost every product making it easy to try something new or mix up flavors without having to buy a whole box.

  • One place to get everything. We have all your favorite brands plus many new brands that you are going to fall in love with.

  • Fast & Free Shipping. We aim to ship every order within 3 hours with free shipping on any order over $50.

The Feed and NICA both agree that every student-athlete is unique, and how they prefer to fuel up before a ride or race is an important personal choice. We also know that the nutrition options on the market are endless, and the decision can often be daunting. For this reason, we’ve partnered up to offer $60 in annual store credit ($15 every 90 days) for all NICA student-athletes. When you activate your offer, you can choose from the NICA nutrition pack to try out the products we think you’ll love, or you can fully customize your own mix!

Student-Athletes Activate Here

Coaches are a great source of knowledge and experience. To thank them for all that they do, we are offering all Level 1, 2, and 3 Coaches $80 in annual store credit ($20 every 90 days) when they activate their offer! Head Coaches & Team Directors will receive an additional 20% off with access to a unique code. Please request code access through our coach benefits page.

Coaches Activate Here

The Feed also offers free coaching for student-athletes needing additional advice. Learn more by contacting Additionally, visit The Feed's live chat on their website to access nutritional help, answer questions, and provide recommendations.

The Feed is focused on sharing how the right nutrition at the right time can increase your enjoyment of training and racing. NICA is excited to work with The Feed to provide custom nutrition solutions to our growing NICA community!