Teen Trail Corps is a program, supported by REI, that provides NICA student-athletes guidance, encouragement and opportunities to serve and give their time towards bike related advocacy activities. It is designed to provide exposure and be a gateway for NICA student-athletes into the world of advocacy. NICA envisions a future where NICA student-athletes are advocating for and making a significant impact on our cycling environment.

Teen Trail Corps student-athlete activities are categorized into five badges that may be earned. The first four are Speak, Serve, Ride and Respect. Once your student-athlete has earned all four, they receive the fifth badge, "Teen Trail Corps Captain." To earn a badge for each category (Speak, Serve, Respect, Ride) student-athletes must complete four activities in the respective categories.

There are several activities within the badges that require work outside standard NICA events, insurance and supervision such as volunteering with a local trail group, posting on social media, or speaking at a public meeting. The student-athlete is expected to communicate and interact with people outside the NICA community. Each of the activities that require work outside NICA events includes a step to, “Tell your coach and parents your plans to (specific activity). Ask your coach, parent or guardian for supervision when completing the next steps.” These activities can be found in more detail at https://nationalmtb.org/teen-trail-corps/.

Participation in Teen Trail Corps is not a requirement for athletes to participate in any other NICA programs.

Insurance: Teen Trail Corp recognizes service activities that student-athletes may pursue outside of NICA team activities. NICA’s insurance program provides coverage for approved team activities only. NICA’s insurance does not cover activities run or supervised by other organizations or land managers. The organization or land manager supervising and running any trail maintenance activity is responsible for having their own proper coverage in place for their activities. NICA students/coaches would be acting as volunteers of that organization or land manager. Students who participate in Teen Trail Corp activities outside of NICA team activities should have the permission of their guardian(s) with the understanding of the above.

If you have any questions about Teen Trail Corps, please reach out to your Coach, League Director or teentrailcorps@nationalmtb.org.