Teen Trail Corps (TTC)

TTC cultivates community as we foster the next generation of trail stewards and advocates.

NICA Teen Trail Corps

As mountain bikers, the trails are our playground.

The Teen Trail Corps program provides NICA student-athletes the opportunity to get involved in trail maintenance efforts and to use their voices to advocate for increased trail access.

As we continue to get more kids on bikes through our NICA teams, these teams quickly become visible users of local trail systems where other community members may recreate, including hikers and equestrians. Through trail maintenance and practicing Leave No Trace skills, NICA teams can showcase their commitment as stewards of the trails and begin building their reputation in their community.

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At NICA, we believe that when we give back to our trails…

We become more connected to the community where we ride.

We grow as people through our service, and we find our voices through showing up at local meetings to speak up for more bike access.

We inspire people in our communities to want to help — that might be as part of your team, as a local advocate, as a sponsor, or with access to more places to ride.

TTC's Impact

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In 2022, NICA community members spent about 43,000 hours giving back to their communities through Teen Trail Corps. That’s the equivalent of a full-time staff person working for 15 years straight to achieve the same impact that our collective NICA community achieved in a single year!

2023 TTC total service hours

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