Next Steps: Coach Instructions

Spring Leagues 2024 Season:

October 9, 2023

Selected Pathfinders, returning and new, are contacted.

October 23, 2023

Deadline to register your team and confirm current coach licensure is up-to-date in the Pit Zone.

November 6, 2023

Deadline for providing names, fulfillment form (sizes of scholarship recipients) and the signed Student-Athlete Commitment Form in order to receive bikes, gear, and scholarship funds by the start of the season. This also includes the student-athlete being registered in the Pit Zone.

Meet this deadline to increase the likelihood of receiving your student-athlete’s items in time for the start of practice season. Team registration and up-to-date Coach licensure is also required.

December 11, 2023

Final deadline for providing names of scholarship recipients.

The scholarship will be forfeited automatically if all requirements are not met by this date. Extension requests will not be granted.

Have questions before you begin? Check out our Pathfinder Scholarship Program FAQs for Coaches page.

NICA Requirements:

1. Register your team and complete your coach licensing and registration requirements

If you are new this season, please reach out to your League Director:

  • To get your team set up in NICA Pit Zone
  • To understand the requirements for your Coach License
2. Invite your Trek NICA Pathfinders student-athletes

Once you and your team are registered, you can start adding your student-athletes to your team. You will need contact info (name and email) for one parent to add your student-athlete(s) to your Pit Zone team dashboard. To do this:

3. Instruct Parents to Complete Rider Registration and Stop at the payment page

Instruct your parents to register their rider, sign the waiver, and then when they land on the payment page, they can stop. The team will pay the registration fees for each Pathfinder upon receipt of funds. (see below for instructions on how to do so in Step #5)

4. Submit Your Information To Receive Your Scholarship Funds

Submit Your Information To Receive Your Scholarship Funds via the Scholarship Disbursement Form - Once you have completed steps 1-3 under Trek and NICA, and have submitted your Scholarship Disbursement Information, NICA will then send you an email invitation from to set up a Account, if you don’t already have one.

Upon complete set up of the account, the funds for the scholarship(s) will be sent to you in the requested format. Please ensure that the information provided on the Scholarship Disbursement Form is accurate and complete.

NOTE: The scholarship funds will not be sent to you to pay for your Trek NICA Pathfinders student-athletes until:

5. Pay for your Student-Athletes

PPP (Pathfinder Point Person) by League
NOTE: If no name is listed for PPP, then it is the League Director

LeagueNameEmail AddressPPP NamePPP Email Address
Arizona Interscholastic Cycling LeagueJen
Florida Interscholastic Cycling LeagueJason
Kansas Interscholastic Cycling LeagueDallas
Mississippi Interscholastic Cycling LeagueMichelle
Nevada South Interscholastic Cycling LeagueChristine
New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling LeagueKen
New York Interscholastic Cycling LeagueJason
NorCal Interscholastic Cycling LeagueVanessa Hauswaldvanessa@norcalmtb.orgTerry
North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling LeagueBrian Russellbrian@northcarolinamtb.orgShawn
Texas Interscholastic Mountain Bike LeagueJJ

Still have questions regarding the NICA requirements above? Contact Nargis at NICA with "Spring Pathfinders" and include your League and Team Name in the subject header.

TREK Requirements:

1. Pathfinders Scholarship Fulfillment Form
  • Download this form FIRST (you will not be granted edit access so don't request it, instead download the file). Then fill it out and upload via the Pathfinders Upload Portal. The form is considered complete by providing name, age, and the short, jersey, shoe, glove, and helmet size for each of your riders. The Trek Sizing Guide may be useful to refer to.
2. Pathfinders Scholarship Fulfillment Form
  • Identify the bike shop and the contact information for the person at the shop your team will work with. You will list the retailer you'll be working with on the Pathfinders Scholarship Fulfillment Form and then upload via the Pathfinders Upload Portal upon completion.
    Note: In the coming weeks post upload, you will receive a shipment of gear for your team to the specified coach address listed in the Upload Portal. You will receive an email for when the bikes later ship to your designated retailer.
3. Trek Student-Athlete Commitment Form
  • Have each Student-Athlete and their parents/guardians review and sign the Trek Student-Athlete Commitment Form (Spanish) then upload via the Pathfinders Upload Portal.
  • Each Pathfinder Student-Athlete is awarded a stipend of $365 to pay for NICA registration in the Pit Zone, regardless of their intent to race, in order for them to participate in any NICA event, including practices. It is also to be used towards their League registration and Team registration in the Pit Zone and can also be applied towards any race fees. Any remaining funds can be used towards needed items such as clothing or transportation, at the discretion of the NICA coach.
  • Make sure they feel great about this program and answer all their questions.
4. Kits & Bikes

Here’s how we recommend distributing kits and scheduling the pick-up of new bikes:

  • Have an organized team event to distribute the kit to the riders before “bike day.”
  • We understand that there will be some swapping, mixing, and matching, etc.
  • Do your best to make the shipment work for your team. If you need to make returns, please contact me.
  • Make sure helmets are properly fitted and adjusted for each rider.
  • Please reference the attached list of items that each rider should receive. (NOTE: Some items may be substituted depending on availability.)
  • Have fun and take pictures!

After “kit day” comes “bike day” at the retailer you have chosen to work with.

  • The bikes will ship after the kit, so anticipation should build!
  • Contact your retailer to learn when they will have the bikes and when they’ll be built and ready for pick-up.
  • Ensure all student-athletes bring their helmets to take a test ride.
  • The retailer will receive instructions from us on how to make this a super fun and positive day for your student-athletes.
  • Take pictures!

Still have questions regarding the TREK requirements above? Contact Todd at Trek with "Spring Pathfinders" and include your League and Team Name in the subject header.