NICA Coach Education Requirements

NICA’s high-quality coach training equips volunteers to confidently lead and create amazing experiences for youth mountain biking teams. NICA’s coach education uses best practices in youth development to provide valuable, relevant, and inspiring education for coaches across all of our leagues.

Coaches can be licensed at three levels, with varying roles and responsibilities for their teams. From Level 1 ride-along volunteers to Level 3 head coaches and team leaders, all NICA coaches are essential to the success of our programs.

Coaches change lives through their work with youth!


To become a licensed NICA coach, all volunteers complete the following:

  • Annual registration, including a participation agreement and fee, liability waiver, and code of conduct*
  • A background check - facilitated by Sterling Volunteers
  • Training in concussion protocols and athlete abuse awareness
  • A course overview of NICA’s philosophy, culture, and risk management
  • Training specific to license level

A comprehensive view of NICA’s coach training is available here. You can also view requirements by license level:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Still need help? Visit the NICA Coach Help Desk


Navigating NICA’s Coach Education Requirements

Coach requirements are housed in two primary locations: Pit Zone and the NICA Coach Education Center.


NICA’s Pit Zone registration system is where coaches can complete the following:

  • Register as a coach (invite from team is required)
  • Sign the annual waiver and code of conduct
  • Pay the annual coach license fee
  • Submit a background check request
  • View your coach profile to see your license status
  • Log in to the NICA coach education center to access courses, resources, and benefits


To access the Coach Education Center, log into Pit Zone first, and click the Courses, Resources, & Benefits button. Within the Education Center, coaches can access:

  • Online required coach courses such as concussion training, athlete abuse awareness, NICA philosophy and risk management, and coach license level courses
  • Coach resource library (templates, guidelines, and more)
  • Coach benefits and discount codes/instructions
  • Online NICA CEU courses

For additional assistance navigating NICA's Coach Education system, click below:

View Our Quick Start Guide

Have questions about a specific coach license requirement?


Waivers, adult code of conduct, & background checks

NICA Coach Courses

Philosophy & Risk Management, Coach Level courses, concussion course

First Aid & CPR

Level 2 and 3 requirements for First Aid and CPR courses

Field Work Hours

Self-reporting your NICA Field Work Hours for Level 2 & 3

On-the-Bike 101

Online classroom course & in-person skills clinic

Continuing Education

Opportunities to extend learning in coaching best-practices

Leaders Summit

In-person and online workshops specific for NICA coach leaders

Coach Help Desk

Still have questions? Visit the NICA Coach Help Desk for support

Support for our coaches

The success of NICA programs depend on the work of coaches across all of our leagues. NICA coaches are supported by both league and national staff:

League Directors and League Staff support coaches by:

  • Finding and providing local first aid and CPR training
  • Creating opportunities for in-person On-the-Bike skills training
  • Facilitating annual in-person Coach Retreats and Leaders’ Summits
  • Supporting team registration 

Connect with your League

NICA’s coach education team supports coaches by:

  • Providing support for NICA’s online coach training via the Coach Help Desk
  • Facilitating year-round Online Leaders’ Summit workshops
  • Supporting league coach training and development
  • Creating coach resources, templates, and ongoing education opportunities

Coach Help Desk