Get Started as a NICA Coach

Be part of a community of over 8,500 volunteer NICA coaches who are changing lives across the country!

NICA coaches play a variety of roles and each coach brings unique strengths to their teams and communities. You do not have to be a top-notch mountain biker to be an incredible coach. We welcome all individuals who wish to advance NICA’s mission, vision, and core values to join us as a coach!


So you want to be an amazing NICA coach? Here’s our step-by-step guide to get started.

Find your local team:

Visit your league website or contact your NICA League Director. Request an invitation to join the team as a coach through Pit Zone, NICA’s registration platform.

NICA Leagues

No team in your area?

Connect with your League Director to find out how to start your own team, and check out our team starter kit resources.

NICA Leagues

Need More Information?

Learn about NICA’s comprehensive coach education and training.

NICA Coach Education

Get started today!

Email your local team’s head coach or team director, or reach out to your region’s league director to begin the process of becoming an amazing NICA coach.