NICA Alumni Challenge

unnamed (6)To encourage our Alumni to stay connected with their team after graduation, we have developed the NICA Alumni Challenge:

“During your team’s next season, volunteer with your team for one ride.”

Both NICA and your local league informed alumni about the challenge back in June with a league-specific Alumni Welcome E-mail. Please re-engage with your team’s alumni about the initiative, and support them in attending their one ride.

By “volunteer” we intend for your alumni to ride with their team and share their experiences in transitioning into their post-high school activities. In-line with the existing volunteer visitor policy, “An adult alumni can join a ride ONCE with just a signed release." They will be covered under team insurance as with any other volunteers.

If any alumni want to join their old team for more than one ride, they would need to do so in a coaching capacity by obtaining their general volunteer license, which involves completing concussion training and a background check, having a signed release on file, and paying their coach’s fee in the Pit Zone. Many alumni have already successfully stayed connected and become coaches for their team.

Please send any questions and success stories to Chris Spencer at

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