About the NICA Awards

The NICA Awards were established in 2010 to annually honor those individuals, student-athletes, coaches, volunteers and partners that have made outstanding contributions toward the development of interscholastic cycling and the national  middle and high school mountain biking movement.

We are constantly inspired by the tremendous commitment of our student-athletes, dedicated coaches, and passionate volunteers that form our close-knit and dynamic community. The NICA Awards are a means of formally recognizing the individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the name high school cycling and the national high school mountain biking movement.

Awards are given out across three categories:

  • The NICA Community: Leadership, Partnership, and Impact
  • The NICA Way: Leagues, Coaches, and Student-Athletes
  • NICA Courage and Legacy

Congratulations to all of our 2021 Nominees!

Clif Bar and Company Volunteer Service Award

Kevin Joell, Nevada
Daniel Schmidt, SoCal
Jen Malik, Ohio
Jan Cowell, Idaho
Doug Simpson, Montana
Nancy Dacier (McNelly), Virginia
Sandy Yazzi, Oregon
Carin Slader Wolfe, South Carolina

GU Energy Extraordinary Courage Award

Emma Mankus, Wisconsin
Magnus "Khai" Nobles, Arkansas
Adonai Soleto, Maryland
Jack Kuhlbars, Virginia
Mallory Clubb, Virginia

NICA Distinguished Alumni Award

Bhanu, Indiana
Charles Childers, Maryland
Eddie Andersone, Virginia

NICA League Founders Award

Carin Slader Wolfe, South Carolina
Dan Stewart, Strike Visuals

QBP Community Impact Award

Vikki Thompson, Arizona
Steve Mlujeak, Florida
Chris Mileski, Missouri
Scott Duvall, Kentucky
Curt Kurz-Edsall, South Carolina
Fred Bellis, Pennsylvania
Carin Slader Wolfe, South Carolina
Rick Bartels, Virginia

Teen Trail Corp Award

Joshua Murguia, Texas

Shimano Race Production Partner Award

Chris Mileski, Missouri
Giselle & Chandler Weekes, South Carolina
Louis Mazzante, Pennsylvania

Specialized Student-Athlete Leadership Award

Ella MacDonald, Missouri
Megan Lester, Wisconsin
Randy Yarnell Saldana, New Jersey
Owen Abendroth, Nebraska
Hayden Larson, Minnesota
Maximus Donohue, Virginia

SRAM Coach of the Year Award

Jennifer Morrow, Arkansas
Alicia Landis, North Carolina
Dorothy Sullivan, SoCal
Beth Ross, Wisconsin
Sydney Shimko, Wisconsin
Eli Makus, NorCal
Mike Lang, Virginia

Trek All Star Student-Athlete Award

Chloe Hong, Tennessee
Megan Lester, Wisconsin
Randy Yarnell Saldaña, New Jersey
Sam Lang, Virginia
Caleb Nevins, Virginia

Past NICA Award Recipients