Dear Student-Athlete,

The Teen Trail Corps advocacy framework is built around the four NICA badges developed to help student-athletes connect with local community efforts. Earning all of the following badges will boost Teen Trail Corps members to a level of excellence known as a "Teen Trail Corps Captain". Trail Captains will be eligible for recognition at the NICA Annual Teen Trail Corps Awards as well as a variety of benefits dependent on league participation.

To earn a badge for each category (Speak, Serve, Respect, Ride) student-athletes must complete four activities in the respective categories. Upon completion of each activity, your coach must verify that you have completed the qualifying activity. This process will be repeated until all four categories have been completed.

Teen Trail Corps Badges:

  • Speak - Create a powerful voice by teaching your peers and representing youth when discussing trails, public lands, and policies that are bike friendly for a future that desires a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Serve - Build a strong community and grow as an individual by engaging in the stewardship and construction of environmentally sustainable trails.
  • Respect - Understand appropriate trail etiquette and the ability to demonstrate and educate respect for other trail users in the natural settings where we ride.
  • Ride - Demonstrate a personal commitment to riding with respect and educate others how they can ride with respect.

It is understood that the time and effort will vary with each of the activities, however, in general, plan on each activity varying from 1-4 hours.

Submit your Teen Trail Corps activities through the online form below. Follow the easy steps and you’ll be well on your way to being a trail advocate and Teen Trail Corps Captain!

Have fun!

Important Notes:

  1. TTC Tracking Form
  2. TTC Awards Application
  3. Some of these activities involve work outside official NICA events. You should always have your parent or guardian’s permission, and either your coach, parent, or guardian's supervision for these activities. Submit your parent or guardian’s approval by submitting the signed parental consent form through the TTC Tracking Form.

Insurance: Teen Trail Corp recognizes service activities that student-athletes may pursue outside of NICA team activities. NICA’s insurance program provides coverage for approved team activities only. NICA’s insurance does not cover activities run or supervised by other organizations or land managers. The organization or land manager supervising and running any trail maintenance activity is responsible for having their own proper coverage in place for their activities. NICA students/coaches would be acting as volunteers of that organization or land manager. Students who participate in Teen Trail Corp activities outside of NICA team activities should have the permission of their guardian(s) with the understanding of the above.