NICA Concussion Education Resources

All Coaches and NICA Volunteers

General Concussion Awareness for All
Evaluation for Athlete Referral following Suspected Concussion

All Parent Follow-up Resources

Letter to Parent when Referring Athlete to Medical Provider for Suspected Concussion

All NICA-Specific Medical Practitioner Resources

Letter to Physician for Suspected Concussion
Sample Graduated Return-to-play Guidelines Following Concussion
Sample Healthcare Practitioner Medical Clearance w/ notes

State- specific Concussion Resources


Context at a Glance

Concussions occur within ¼ of Reported Student-Athlete and ⅕ Coach Injury Reports

Special thanks to University of Utah School of Health, Christina S. Spencer, MD Pediatrics and St. Luke’s Hospital for support in developing these NICA-specific resources from current best practices in concussion management