How to Start a NICA League

Starting a NICA league in your community isn't hard, if you remember to start small and think big. The first league began with five students, but the vision quickly unfolded and NICA now has 30 leagues, over 25,500 student-athletes and approximately 14,400 registered coaches. Everything learned in 13 years is now available through our New League Development Program including valuable resources, training and risk management to assist visionaries build a strong and sustainable league focused on youth development.

The path to your inaugural NICA season follows this outline. It starts with a bid submission, progresses to when you are an emergent league and once half of the benchmarks are met, you'll progress to be a project league when we'll announce your inaugural race season dates.

The exact specifics are outlined below:

Bid Submission →
(18 to 24 months prior to first season)

Interview →

Bid Approval →

Discussion of Provisions →

Contract Execution/League Start-Up Fees Paid →
(12 to 18 months prior to season)

Background Checks →
(for Key Staff)

Press Release →

Emergent League →

Training Benchmarks Met →
(6 months prior to season)

Project League →

Race Season Announced

NICA reviews bids on a rolling basis. Early conversations are welcome! Contact us at for more information. Please include a brief introduction of who you are, what state or region you are representing and why you are looking to start a NICA league.