Episode 1 – Be Prepared

Featuring Lindsey Voreis

Maybe packs aren’t for goobers.”

  • Familiarize yourself with area you will be riding.
  • If riding alone, be sure someone knows of your route.
  • Bring sufficient food, water, tools, spare parts, and clothing.
  • Leave no trace. Nobody likes to see empty wrappers on the trail.

Episode 2 – Share the Trail

                                     Featuring Greg Minnaar & Kate Courtney & cameo appearance by Maurice Tierney (Dirt Rag Magazine).

It’s kind of like everyone out on the trail is part of one big family.”

  • Always Yield the Trail to Other Trail Users.
  • Yielding means slow down, establish communication, be prepared to stop if necessary and pass safely.
  • For horses, stop and ask equestrians if it is ok to pass. Horses are easily startled.

Episode 3 – Use the Flow

Featuring Hans Rey

Use the flow bro. Use the flow.”

  • Stay on legal and open trails
  • Avoid skidding and cutting corners
  • Obey signs and posted speed limits
  • Show respect and compassion to other trail users.

Episode 4 – Be a Steward

Featuring Matt Hunter.

“It’s like one big life cycle

  • Participate in local trail maintenance and trail building days. The more you help build, the more there is for you to ride!
  • Don’t poach trails when they are closed for maintenance. Nobody likes a busted berm.
  • Don’t build any trails or features without the permission of the local land manager.



“The more trails I help build, the more trails there are to ride. Its like one big life cycle.”

Woah….that’s a deep thought.




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